How To Make A Meme Quickly From Your PC Or Smartphone

How To Make A Meme Quickly From Your PC Or Smartphone
Ways to Make a Meme

If you are a fan of these expressions of modern culture originated on the Internet, we teach you how to make a meme your own and easily, from anywhere. Who doesn’t like a good meme? Hardly if you are a seasoned web surfer you don’t know what that word means. Memes are a way that people found on the Internet to express themselves, and they have become a cultural phenomenon.

Ways to Make a Meme

Surely more than once you have wondered how to make a meme? You have felt the need to express something for which emoticons are not enough and you need that viral image that exemplifies your feeling perfectly. It has happened to more than one, a lot happens to me. But, it also happens to me that I do not remember the name of the meme, and doing a search on Google Images and then having to edit the photo yourself and adding text is not the easiest and friendliest process in the world.

There are many applications and websites that generate memes, just write “meme generator” in your search box and be embraced by millions of results. The bad thing is that the majority of these sites are quite seedy, they have publicity up to where the sun does not shine and they generate images of terrible quality. In the end, if you don’t mistakenly click on an ad for Russian plastic android prostitutes, you end up with a result may be not as good as you expected. For the love of memes, here are those that in my opinion (if they have something better to launch, please) are the best apps to generate memes quickly and easily from anywhere.

Create a Meme From The Web

Imgur MemeGen: Imgur is the god of viral image sharing sites on the web. The site was pretty much created just as a host for photos and GIFs to upload to Reddit, and Reddit is the front page of the internet, and probably where all this meme stuff started. So by divine and royal right, Imgur wins. Its use is ridiculously simple, you enter the site, choose a meme, add the text and as usual, on this website, Imgur gives you all kinds of links to share your image. You can search for a specific meme, or browse the alphabetically ordered list. And if you get bored, you have all the memes created by the gigantic community for you to hang out with.

Create a Meme From The IOS

Imgur again. In the App Store it is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, optimized for iPhone 5, compatible with iOS 7+, free, and with a more than decent design, the official Imgur application to create memes from your Cosa: Imgur MemeGen. Just like on the web, you can browse all memes from A to Z, do a search, choose the position of the text, and create your meme. You can also upload your own photo, and browse the history of recently created memes.

Create a Meme From Android

Unfortunately, Imgur does not have a meme generator for Android, but the best option on this platform and an app that I cannot live without on my mobile is Meme Generator. This application has a free version and a paid one, I use the free one and the advertising it shows is not annoying if you cannot tolerate it, you only have to drop a couple of dollars, but I already say that you don’t even sit down. Meme Generator lets you browse all memes in alphabetical order just like all the others, you can also search, and upload your own images. In the editing options it stands out for having several tools to change the size of the text and the colours, and of course, since it is on Android you can share your meme to any application on the list of share.

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