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Working for a well off company that has brand new projects coming every now and then is an opportunity you get if you are really lucky. Companies like these make sure their employees get good pay and learn a lot from their work. People working at such firms get to meet new people and make more and more contacts. To help the situation, Kroger Inc came up with a refreshing idea of a creating portal for their employees that would help people of the company communicate with each other better. They wanted a platform where they could share all the relevant information about the company and its work. And this is how came into existence.

Kroger Greatpeople me staff Kroger Login – Kroger Retail Store Company has developed the Kroger Employee Login platform for its employees. If you are an existing employee/associate at the Kroger Company then you can log in at the employee portal.


It works as the best platform for establishing an internal communication medium among such huge employees.

All the complications can be solved at the same time in one place. Even the issues related to a Paystub, work schedule, announcement, number of leave taken, number of holidays what exactly happening at the company and many more can be learned to be up to date.

This thing is only possible when you login credentials to one particular account and obtain a successful login. So be that you have come with all the requirements before accessing the online web portal.

How to Login Portal

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  • Firstly visit the website of Kroger associate portal “” or its official website.
  • Importantly you must know your ID (enterprise user-id) and its Password.
  • If you are new to this site, get your id first
  • Login with your ID and password at
  • In any case, if you forget your password or want a new password then use this site
  • Now change your password and login into this portal
  • As you log in, you can manage your work schedule, products, discounts, leave management and many more things to change in the portal.
  • You can check the job-related issues/work-related queries.
  • You can check the number of vacancies for the job. In which store, these vacancies are available.
  • Once you login to Kroger, you will notice every time.
  • Lastly, you can use all these features offered by Kroger at this site.

Reset User ID & Password

To access employee login, you need to know your Enterprise User ID and password. Without having these login credential you can’t able to access your account.

In case if you had forgotten the credentials or missed it, follow the below steps to get the user id and password information to your mailbox.

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