Would you like to train in Design Thinking?

Would you like to train in Design Thinking?
Design Thinking

Training from home takes a step forward. The University Corporation of Asturias is the first institution in the network to offer this MOOC open to everyone. Would you like to know more about this initiative? The MOOCs comes from the initials in English of Massive Online Open Courses, they are courses taught by the best universities whose characteristics are the unlimited number of enrolled, they are taught only online and are free. Miramax is an initiative created by Telefónica Educación Digital, it is the main MOOCs platform in Latin America and has more than 6.5 million registered students and more than 800 courses from 100 universities.

Design Thinking

This initiative incorporates the SUMMA Network, the international network of virtual universities that already operates in countries such as Spain, the United States, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, as partners. The first institution to be on the platform will be the University Corporation of Asturias, which will offer MOOC Design Thinking to those enrolled. Creating successful products.

What is Design Thinking?

This MOOC allows the student to go through each of the phases of a process that will make them change their way of thinking and will lead to the creation of successful products.

Another objective is to teach the student to empathize with clients and learn some tools to understand them. The course offers the keys to learning and teaches how to take a test to maximize the knowledge obtained.

Students who wish to accredit their training will be able to obtain the Certificate of Success verified with blockchain technology. To do this, they must have completed the course and their activities 100%.

This certificate is already an innovation since it includes all the student’s contributions such as test results, P2P work, ranking position at the end of the course or contributions in the forums.

This certificate can also be shared on platforms such as LinkedIn and you can even add references made by teachers or colleagues from the MOOC.

Design Thinking. Creating successful products, he is led by Jesús Blanco Morales, a recognized professional specialized in developing business models. He has been part of Strategic Innovation areas for companies and government institutions in order to increase growth and productivity.

Would you like to be part of this team and become a Design Thinker? You are within a click to enter this exciting world.

Keep Training You

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