Would you like to train in Design Thinking?

Would you like to train in Design Thinking?
Design Thinking

Training from home takes a step forward. The University Corporation of Asturias is the first institution in the network to offer this MOOC open to everyone. Would you like to know more about this initiative? The MOOCs comes from the initials in English of Massive Online Open Courses, they are courses taught by the best universities whose characteristics are the unlimited number of enrolled, they are taught only online and are free. Miramax is an initiative created by Telefónica Educación Digital, it is the main MOOCs platform in Latin America and has more than 6.5 million registered students and more than 800 courses from 100 universities.

Design Thinking

This initiative incorporates the SUMMA Network, the international network of virtual universities that already operates in countries such as Spain, the United States, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia, as partners. The first institution to be on the platform will be the University Corporation of Asturias, which will offer MOOC Design Thinking to those enrolled. Creating successful products.

What is Design Thinking?

This MOOC allows the student to go through each of the phases of a process that will make them change their way of thinking and will lead to the creation of successful products.

Another objective is to teach the student to empathize with clients and learn some tools to understand them. The course offers the keys to learning and teaches how to take a test to maximize the knowledge obtained.

Students who wish to accredit their training will be able to obtain the Certificate of Success verified with blockchain technology. To do this, they must have completed the course and their activities 100%.

This certificate is already an innovation since it includes all the student’s contributions such as test results, P2P work, ranking position at the end of the course or contributions in the forums.

This certificate can also be shared on platforms such as LinkedIn and you can even add references made by teachers or colleagues from the MOOC.

Design Thinking. Creating successful products, he is led by Jesús Blanco Morales, a recognized professional specialized in developing business models. He has been part of Strategic Innovation areas for companies and government institutions in order to increase growth and productivity.

Would you like to be part of this team and become a Design Thinker? You are within a click to enter this exciting world.

Keep Training You

In addition to growing up in Design Thinking, would you like to train in the digital world? If so, we recommend that you take a look at the Movistar + Connect Employment App. Here you can find online training courses to increase your skills. You will also be able to discover which are the most demanded online professions by communities.

To access the Movistar App you don’t need to download anything. You just need to be a Fusion client and have the UHD Decoder at home. Look for it in the “Apps” menu located at the top, and discover information regarding the situation of the labour market and which are the profiles most in demand by companies.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android
Best Android Apps

Current applications allow you to take advantage of all the possibilities of your phone’s camera. And that includes ageing your photos. Little can be said about digital photography that we have not already said. Nowadays it is possible to apply all kinds of effects and changes to an image by pressing the button of a mobile app. And we can even change how a photograph will look before taking it.

Best Android Apps

In the case of Android, the applications that apply effects before and after taking a photo with the camera of your phone are very popular. Plus, they are so easy to use that anyone can get spectacular images with little effort.

Below, we’ve compiled a selection of effects Android apps specialized in obtaining images that look like they were made in the past. Applications to age your photos before or after taking them to make them look like vintage or retro photos.

Candy Film Mini

Polaroid cameras were very popular, but it seems they are more so now. Applications like Candy Film Mini imitate the style of those cameras that printed the photograph once it was made.

With this app, it is possible to choose between several possible themes so that the images obtained seem the eighties. In addition, it offers limitations according to the original camera. For example, you can only take 10 photos a day.

Another peculiarity of Candy Film Mini is that to obtain the photograph you must shake your phone. As was done with the paper issued by the original Polaroid cameras.

Huji Cam

Photographs in the 90s style. Even with the date retouched to look like it was made in 1998. Huji Cam allows you to photograph in the analogue style, with spots of light and other effects that were once considered errors and are now a retro or vintage touch.

Among other things, you can change the format of the image and the false date. Also, once you have taken the photo you can share it or download it to your device.

Retro Camera

Building on 12 cameras that really existed, Retro Camera offers a dozen effects to give your photos of today a touch of yesterday.

To age, your images you just have to choose the desired style, camera or effect and you will get an instant retro photograph that you can save or share on social networks or with other apps.

Film effect, black and white, sepia, overexposure … Some of them will remind you of those you can find on Instagram.

Retro Filter

Another Android app to age your photos is Retro Filter, full of vintage effects, more than 30.

For this purpose, light filters, more than 50, must be added to alter how your newly made photograph will look with your Android. Retro Filter allows you to make changes to your images before and after doing it.

With Retro Filter, you will obtain images with a watermark of an old date, spots of light and some colour tones more typical of analogue photography than the quality that current cameras allow.

Facebook Launches New Creator Studio Mobile App

Facebook Launches New Creator Studio Mobile App
Creator Studio App

To facilitate the work of professionals who publish content on Facebook, those responsible for this social network have long made the Creator Studio tool available to you. But, until now, it was only available from the web browser, both on PC and Mac and on tablet and smartphone.

Creator Studio App

But now Facebook has decided to adapt to the habits of those who use its professional solutions and has launched Creator Studio for Android, iPhone and iPad. A free app to organize and manage your publications on Facebook pages wherever you go from your mobile device.

What does this tool consist of? What is it for and how is it different from the Facebook app for everyone?

For Content Creators

The purpose of Creator Studio, in its web version and in its recent mobile versions, is to help creators and the media to organize their content, access statistics and thus reach the Facebook audience in the best possible way. It is not a compliment to the official application for all users, but a response to those who work with Facebook or for whom this social network is their regular means of disseminating content.

In other words, on the one hand, it helps to publish content, in real-time or by scheduling publications throughout the day and week. On the other hand, it offers analysis metrics with which to analyze the content and find out the best time of day or the type of content with the best reception from your visitors. It will also help you know if your posts are successful or not.

It’s more. The versions for iPhone, iPad and Android do not completely replace Creator Studio but can be used in parallel. In other words, you can continue working with the browser version of this Facebook tool, and at the same time, do it with the apps.

As for its most promising features, Facebook highlights the possibility of accessing multiple accounts at the same time and managing two or more pages at the same time without having to log out and log in again. Secondly, together with the scheduling of publications, it is possible to edit already published content by changing titles and descriptions, removing outdated content, etc.

With Creator Studio’s mobile apps, you can also manage interactions with fans and followers and reply to messages directly. And, finally, the app makes it easy to send notifications and warnings, all without leaving the app. In summary, it is about making interaction with Facebook more bearable from the point of view of professionals and content creators.

You will find more information on the official website of Creator Studio and on its help page.

Apps To Control And Know Who Uses WiFi At Home

Apps To Control And Know Who Uses WiFi At Home
app to control wifi access

Often unwanted users take advantage of the home network. To avoid it, there are applications to control and know who uses WiFi at home. We have all felt this feeling that a neighbour has ‘sneaked’ into our WiFi. How did you do it? Is my password vulnerable? Have they really entered my home network? When we have had a connection problem, we have all thought that an unwanted user causes the network to become saturated and we lose benefits. Now you can find out thanks to these applications to control and know who uses WiFi at home.

app to control wifi access

Although this from intruders is often part of these WiFi myths, it is true that precautions must be taken with our private network. The best thing that can happen to you is that you slow down because the next-door neighbour is watching Netflix non-stop. Trust me. Some of these users can take advantage of your WiFi vulnerabilities to steal important data or, directly, control some of your devices.

Surely you do not want any of this to happen, so we invite you to take a look at these applications to control and know who uses WiFi at home:

App Smart WiFi

It is a super complete tool that is already used by thousands of users. With the Smart WiFi application in Movistar +, you can know an enormous amount of information with just a few clicks. For example, you can see the password and see how many devices are connected. You will be able to differentiate which ones are connected at that moment and block or pause their connection. What’s cool?

It is an ideal tool to know how many devices are using your WiFi at any time and if we give them permission or not. In addition, something significantly good about the Movistar + Smart WiFi app is that its features are constantly evolving.


It is one of the most downloaded applications. As of today, Fing has more than 35 million users worldwide to understand. A huge number of downloads that give us a clue about how useful this tool is.

It is a perfect app to know who is using the WiFi network at that time, the broadband that is being used, alerts in case there has been a connection from an unusual device, or even to find out if there are hidden cameras in the rooms where I am. In short, an application that will not disappoint you.

Linksys Apps

With this application, you can manage your home Wi-Fi network from any mobile device and at any time. You can download it for both Android and iOS and it is very easy to use.

What can you do with it It includes tools and functions very similar to the applications that we have previously mentioned, but it stands out especially for its parental controls function, its compatibility with Alexa and the possibility of scheduling device access to Wi-Fi during specific periods.